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About us

A little bit about us

Welcome to our shop where we create beautifully hand crafted wooden toys for little ones.

My journey began with the creation of our first wooden activity board, which was inspired by my children's insatiable desire to explore every nook and cranny of our home.

When my sons played with the activity board for hours, I realized that I had created something truly special. I wanted to create activity boards that would not only entertain the kids, but also encourage brain development and help them safely and enjoyably explore the world around them.


Hi, I'm Evka...

I believe that children deserve toys that are not only fun, but also eco-friendly and made to last.

I hope your little ones will enjoy playing with my activity boards as much as I enjoyed creating them. Thank you for visiting my shop and I can't wait to see how the boards spark your child's imagination and curiosity.

Eva Zlatohlava

Founder & CEO