MDD Deň detí - DOPRAVA ZADARMO s kúponom "BordikMDD". Platí do 2.6.2024.


Activity board
for playful little hands!

Develop your children in a fun way

100% Joy Guarantee

We dare to guarantee that your little angel will have his hands full with our toy.

Customized production

In addition to our offer, we also offer production exactly according to your requirements.

Quality materials

We used light and pleasant to the touch poplar wood for the boards.

Round and smooth corners

We think about the fact that children can hit themselves on the corner, which is why they are beautifully rounded.

About us

Who is behind the whole production and how did it start?

Read more about our launch, how the production process works, what materials we use and what it looks like behind the curtain of Bordik.



Frequently Asked Questions

How old are your boards suitable for?

Yes, our boards are designed to be suitable for babies aged 1 year and up.

Are your wooden boards safe for children?

Safety is our priority. Our boards are made from pleasant and precisely processed materials and contain no harmful substances. They are safe for children and meet all safety standards.

What are the main advantages of playing with your boards?

Playing with our wooden boards encourages creativity, improves fine motor skills, teaches math and language skills, all in a fun way.

How is it possible to keep your wooden countertops clean?

Our wooden countertops are easy to maintain. Just wipe them regularly with a soft cloth and clean water. We recommend storing them in a dry and clean environment before long-term storage to preserve their quality.

Why us?